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So I couldn't fit them all on one page so here are a few more:


                                                         Shawn Renee

Shawn writes from the heart, sometimes rhymed, sometimes free form surreal, always gripping. Get caught in her vortex and open your eyes through hers to see wonders. I may be partial but I particularly like the one she wrote about my writing ;). but for modesty's sake, I will forego posting that one!

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Soliloquy of a Seagurl

A Poem by Haruki HeadRoller

Let me fly....


A formless waste 
I was…

Shell unshaped and internally mushed
Unloved, 'til cupped
By palms of plush
A tender kiss
With every touch
Aware I couldn’t
Offer much
It was there...
‘Tween sand and sea
He embraced my slight
Cradled my soul in porous folds
‘Til I beamed of lambent gold 

A skinless hatchling
I was…

Body bare of bone and beak
Shriveled, ‘til fingers
Wove for me
An ivory down 
From loom, so fair
Feathery threads of wispy hair
It was there... 
‘Tween seam and sew
He tightened the pleats
And locked the bow
Tied a vow around my neck
To keep my syrinx in check

A soarless fowl
I was…

Mangled quills in feeble flesh
Unflapped, ‘til hands
Unraveled mesh
And curved the wind
Around my wings
His oath that I
Need not a thing
It was there...
‘Tween flight and fall
He formed my sea
With touching walls
A wave of rooms with tides of chores
Yet forbidden to fly near shores

A comely bird
I was…

With frostbite diamonds in my crest
Unmatched, ‘til fists
Of irked unrest
Beat rubies from
My precious plume
And plucked the hope
Within that bloomed
It was there...
‘Tween plea and wail
He crushed my beak
My wing, my tail
Because I glanced upon the sea
His hands had not made for me

© 2010 Shawn Renee



 Poppy Silver



Poppy is such a glorious creature. Along with writing poetry and running poetry websites (and giving support to budding artists) she also belongs to O.R.M.E and records spoken words to music in a way that will stun you. As her name, she opens like a flower and her scent is intoxicating. Her works are sometimes ethereal, sometimes concrete in a painful way, but will never fail to move you.

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And When Can This Corpse Rest?

A Poem by PoppySilver

And in this silence



I am no longer certain where this face belongs

No longer care

Or am hindered by the fact

That these eyes are losing their brightness


Blue can fade to grey

Less noticable

Not that they ever held intrigue

Just blue has always been my favourite colour


Mundane things today

Remind me of times that have become dappled

Life, I enquire

"What other names do you go by?"

It replies, with distinct voice



I have to smile as well as feel some relief

There was never anything to bargain for in the first instance then

It would seem metaphor is not needed

Just simplicity

Because basic is just as effective, at times


Give my years, whole heartedly

Two children



But not children of my own


Be a companion to animals

Again, that are not my own



You have routed my despair from day one

I would offer congratulations

If I had the energy

But instead

I stare at blank wall


This fire, i am told

Is beautiful and vivid

I wish to burn within it

Let flames kiss the last of my breath

As I whisper goodbye

Allow smoke to choke me

Do not deny me

Everything else has become out of reach

At least, with your tongue like caress

Grant me a quick death


Existence, can you give me that much

In your sordid, manipulating game?

Take this soul

Take this body

Cremate useless disease, named hope, laid bare in my hands


I air it to the universe

Collect the dust on weakened fingers

Trace my name on pavements I shall never walk

It is of no matter anymore


Listen to my voice

Hear the tone of defeat when I say

I am gone

Long ago

Far away

Eternity and a day


I shall stay

Encased in this hell

But it is my own purgatory, at least


Words I could utter

Could never clear clouds

They could never show stars

How deep the well lies in this heart


They could never sound clear enough

For all to hear

When I say

This end holds no beginning


I have hailed the hour I became a nobody

An indecisive shadow, darkness


As that maybe, but I have witnessed beauty


I have felt the sun warm me briefly

Seen butterflies dance by my side

In woods with birched grace


I have felt the magic of knowing what love is

How tender that can be

With words forever to remain a part of me


All of this and more, I have cradled


And all of this shall lay comfortably with me


The light has deceived

Time, locked itself away

And with it

Dull clouds have possessed


And now

I allow them to undress

This corpse

Void of course

Betrayed by the most potent source of all

My own words


Copyright PoppySilver 2011



 Poetic Justice


 Poetic justice just as at home delivering a scathing hip hop slam as she is exploring more common poetic themes. But there is nothing common about her or her work as you will see below. Let the feelings wash over you as she paints a masterpiece on her canvas. One of my favorite single lines from a poem comes from this poem:

"For curiosity sang a siren's song

Tempting her to wonder..."



 Poetic Justice's site click here





the first lady...

A Poem by Poetic Justice

when everything changed..


Clothed only in her innocence

Her alabaster skin aluminous

In the loving rays of the sun

Who proudly shone upon her beauty

She made her way towards the

Forbidden tree

For curiosity sang a sirens song

Tempting her to wonder

Tentative steps placed as the grass blades held their breath

Animals pricked up there ears and scattered

The wind ceased to blow

Curiosity though held her attention oblivious

Her brow furrowed

Her smile perplexed

Coiled around the forbidden tree

He made no excuses for his form

Her delicate fingers stroked his scales

He rose up to face her

Tasting her with his forked tongue

She giggled

The wonderment of him continued to course

Through her veins and new emotions of desire

And deception stroked the inner thigh of her imagination

She was not a worthy adversary

Naivety was her thorn

As she licked her lips the juices of the fruit

Turned sour in her mouth

Dripping onto her rounded breasts

She covered them


Looking around in shame

She scurried away to find her love

And share her fate with him. 



 Tate Morgan


 Tate writes about life and honesty. His pieces are not surreal. They are not full of fancy bells and whistles. What they are full of is hope, pain, love, and life. Everything he has learned through his life is passed on in honest and real poetry that can't help but strike you to the core. Read it and I dare you to tell me you are not touched.


 Tate's site click here

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Black Jack Drake

A Poem by Tate Morgan

How wondrous the child like mind who dreamed of immortality He'd leave his mark upon this world that never knew morality 


My son was just a little boy

when he started saving treasure

To him it was each man's duty

to  judge by bluster and measure


His heart was set on protection

of this hoard he'd kept in his bag

Filled with pride he was elated

a tough pirate who'd earned his swag


I'd watch as he would sail his sloop

off to some distant hallowed land

To wrest the natives of their loot

leaving their blood upon the sand


His first-mate's name had been Jack Tar

from a story that we had read

He neither asked nor gave quarter

to the clansmen who now lay dead


The sloop was built from a tree house

that we had hammered for three days

Not a bad deal for a pirate

with livelihood that always pays


Many a coward found his end

on the deck of the Black Jack Drake

they begged for mercy every time

but were strung up for the men's sake


How wondrous is the child's mind

who dreamed of immortality

He'd leave his mark upon the world

in so doing, he then touched me


Little could he have known back then

the paths of dreams that he had paved

Were stored within his father's heart

where they were written down and saved



© 2011 Tate Morgan



Devi-Sage (Hannah)


Hannah writes pieces that will make you cry, make you cringe, and make you smile. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sharp, but always fascinating. If you want to stop after you read and feel the ponderings, then read this slightly mythical short story.


 Devi-Sage's page click here


Thousand Sweet Perfume Child

A Story by Devi-Sage



Little Kaori bent over 

as she placed her petals of 

plum and cherry blossom 

into her basket of chrysanthemum 

and ate on leaf stem.


She only had Mother 

but just like the sister flowers 

Mother’s petals had fallen with the 

sun and moon.


 With half-empty belly

Little Kaori wept to 

Mother Willow.

One tear-drop fell from

 crescent star lid 

into her basket of 

little jewel blossom 

and flooded the 

scarlet tea garden 


thousand sweet perfume child.


It was written: 

She would be 

sweetest amrita known to man. 


Mother once said:



The man desires all the flowers of the willow

but there is only one 

who is the charmed essence of 

sweetest wine

Even so, like the moon 

he is followed by his shadow 


 boy who is bright pure sun.”


Mother’s words floated on 

lotus water

 always near, never without omen.




She thought of 

bright-eyed boy 

she had met behind the bushes 

as she bent over 

and collected her petals for 



He called her:

Strange little girl who eats on her own feet.


But he smiled with rose blush

kissed her tiny feet 

and whispered:


“I no longer dream of 

crimson gods and golden wing supremacy 

for I have entered the sweetest immortality

in this very secret garden.

One day I will coil round bellied world 

and lay you across lotus river 

and place all the petals 

you lost to others on my back-bend 

so that you may finally rest with 

bright pure sun.

 For you are

sweetest part of flower 


world flooded in hot wines."


She believed in the omen 

and all that flowed along 

lotus water

and dreamt of 

boy who is bright pure sun.




The years passed over

as little Kaori watched 

one tail kitsune 


nine golden tailed.


“I have slept so long.”


The kitsune looked at her with

 winter-eyed glow.


“He will come back for me.

He promised..............”


The kitsune wrapped his nine tails 

around her half-empty belly

licked the filth off her feet

 and placed one of her petals into her mouth.


“I must only eat on leaf stem!”


Kaori quickly placed the petal back intohallowed cradle 

curled back into a heart bemused


the hidden pearl from a serpent

and slowly nibbled on leaf stem

as she listened to

Mother's song 

Hymn of the Pearl 

that sang for 

danceless snow crane in troubled waters.


Because even with 

nine golden tailed 

to protect the flowers

 moonless sky was bitter to Kaori

and the rising sun did not welcome a big sleep. 


The changing seasons were harsh on Kaori

but with winter clinging onto her roots

most valuable her petals became in the coming years. 

And little Kaori was much older now

the age at which a flower like her 

could immediately become immortal geisha

like Teruha-san of Edo -

She was shining leaf flower.

All the men desired her 

just as Mother Willow said they would.




Kaori sat beside 

lotus river 

and peered into the ripple curtains 

in search for 

Mother Willow.

As she gazed deeper

 the less she could see or hear.


Growing weary, she drew back

looked at her feet 

and rubbed on her empty belly.

She could only hear 

the grumbling crash of 

winter sea and naked ume tree 

crying out:



Sweetest part 

of flower 

not meant for 



Among the sister flowers and willow

she had learned this from a man:

The round bellied face of 

Daimyo of Edo

He would chew each petal 

from her half-woven embroider

with half drop tear, always half-empty. 


"Hana awaka! Hana awaka!"


He sang for 

sparkling flower 

at the tip of sweet sake lips.

He desired chew-in-mouth blossoms 

in which he would spit out with 

rice, chestnut, and millet

to fill the bath house 

with the most precious courtesans 

best served hot.


Moon cake dumpling 


belly full of sake

 he was a man who desired all the 

flowers of the willow

 just as Mother said he would. 




He told his story well 

and all the sister flowers listened:


"When the tail of a man 


sweetest part of  

thousand sweet perfume child

a single tear-jewel is formed 

at the lid-fold of a man’s eye

 and red-crowned butterfly is born. 

He is then suspended into 

floating world 

and rejoiced as 

Supreme Immortal Emperor! 



It was written 

that he will spend the rest of his days 

skipping along the jeweled flutters of 

sweetest petals 

carefully woven into the silk white crepes of 

thousand sweet perfume child

There he will find her 

floating on karyukai river bends 

in the land of the flower and willows 

scented with

 sweetest amrita known to man.



Give me a jewel!

 Feed me the sweetest! 





Kaori blew her petals onto her head of 

split white peach 

and offered Daimyo of Edo a taste inside. 

He chewed as the sister flowers performed 

the dance of Hana no Shojo 

the Flowery Heavy Drinker dance 

which sang him to pure lands of 

thousand sweet perfume child 

dipped in jasmine and jewel dew.

There he collapsed into evanescent dream

into sweetest part of flower

and laid beside

 little rice powdered doll

with sugar crystal buds

weeping jewels that twinkled of 

starlet cherry-ume wings.




“Kei-san?! Kei-san?!”


Boy who is bright pure sun 

turned to 



“How do you know my name?”


Kaori looked down at her feet.


“You once called me

Strange little girl who eats on her own feet.  

And you are 

boy who is bright pure sun

the one who once entered my secret garden

It is you, but how you have changed!

 You have turned to 


 just as Mother had said." 


Kaori looked down at her feet once more.


“You said.................

But you said............."


The stem of her flowers began to circle around 

and break inside Kaori's belly.


"You said, you would........."


Her belly could not voice much longer.


Tear-jewels dropped from 

Kaori's lids 


lotus river 

as she fell to the ground 

and kissed his feet

with half-drop tear, half empty.


As she knelt at his feet

 tearlets shattered 

as they hit 

Moon-stone wings

one by one


thousand scar boy 


 boy who is bright pure sun. 


“Kaori-san! Please........!




Little Kaori looked straight into 

boy who is bright pure sun

 and whispered:


"Like the moon 

he is followed by his shadow


boy who is bright pure sun."


Little Kaori got to her feet 

and faded into 

dark winter bark of cherry-ume blossom.




“Kaori-san! Please........!




Daimyo of Edo 

turned to every direction 

but still

he could neither see nor hear.


He fell to the ground 

and sat beside 

lotus water

and peered into the ripple curtains of 

Mother Willow.


The waves crashed against his back 

and into his eyes then out into 

rage of sea

then back into eyes of 

boy who is bright pure sun 

'til he found 

thousand sweet perfume girl 

bent over 

placing her petals of 

ume and cherry blossom 

into her basket of chrysanthemum 

as she ate on 

leaf stem.


He fell to the ground 

and kissed her feet

but unto him

unworthy was now worth's lot.


Mother’s words weaved in and out of 

lotus water

 always present, never without omen.


 Kaori wept with 

half-drop tear, half-empty

and looked down at 

tiny split feet.

She thought of 

Mother's petals and all the sister flowers'

and silently rose from 



"I shall always know the worth alone

of thousand sweet perfume child

without rising and falling with sun and moon." 




Quickly, Kaori gathered her petals 

into her potion of chrysanthemum 

and ran ‘til she found herself back 

inside the scarlet tea garden 

where she had first bloomed.


She could still hear in the distance

Daimyo of Edo 

chasing after her

 but everything was meaningless now.


She ran faster and faster 

deeper into the tea garden

 protecting her basket of 

thousand sweet perfume child.

She could sense him seconds nearby

but even with 

dragon spirit seed

she could no longer stand on 

empty belly.

Unable to keep balance

 Kaori tripped on her feet

and fell on 

round belly world

and saw 

shifting-eyed Daimyo 

behind the bushes 

where she once met 

boy who is bright pure sun.


Mother once said:


 The man desires all the flowers of the willow

but there is only one 

who is the charmed essence of 

sweetest wine. 

Even so, like the moon

he is followed by his shadow


boy who is bright pure sun.”




 Kicking the basket out of 

willow hand

Kaori's petals blew up highest


sacred eastern wind 

like snowy raindrops sent from 

Goddess Kono-Hana

who was unable to be swallowed by 

ancient tail of phallic serpent

once upon a time ago.


The world of flower and willows

watched from the clouds

and laughed together with 

golden-crowned butterfly


red-crowned daimio

down below

weeping in its greed and misery. 


Enraged but without shame

 Daimyo of Edo picked up 

empty belly 

and continued to chew into 

barren sky of fallen sun

as fast as he could

but his tail no longer could reach

thousand sweet perfume child.


For unto him

unworthy was worth's lot

and as the jeweled butterflies 

fluttered inward and outward through 

shifting-eyed Daimyo

shining then fading with 

bleeding sun 

falling deep into 

darkness of moon 

red-crowned daimio

writhed against the shards of 

tear-jewel drown in lotus water

and found boy who is bright pure sun 

weeping alone in Emperor's castle.




Mother once said:

 "The man is just a man

 nothing more

nothing less."


Little Kaori bent over

placed her petals of 

plum and cherry blossom 

into her basket of chrysanthemum

 and saw red-crowned butterfly 

fluttering low beneath 

tiny split feet 

covered in its bloodshed. 


At first sight

Kaori wept with 

half-drop tear, half-empty

but remembered

thousand sweet perfume child.


She wanted to crush its head 

for striking her heel 

but remembered 

Mother's song 

Hymn of the Pearl.


Kaori looked up at 

sun and moon

then looked upon the ground 

where red-crowned butterfly wept in its bloodshed.


Her willowed hands could barely open 

and her tiny split feet could no longer carry

her empty belly 

but Love, she wiped 

drunken heart off red-crowned wing

  and kissed 

little girl dance to foolish dream and belly full of sake

and sang of proverb:


 "Who travels for love finds a thousand miles not longer than one."





Kaori smiled with empty belly and half blood tear

and examined its wounds.


Slowly, Kaori, with long hard sigh,

held red crowned butterfly inside star crossed palm  

clipped its  broken wings

and wrapped them in her sweetest petal

leaving her dreams in-between the

red and white velvets

lacing barren sky of fallen sun 

with starflower magick

and blew it across the 

sweetest part of flower flooded in hot wines.


She whispered:


The heart that truly loves never forgets." 


And with sweetest petal

Kaori placed wingless lover 


lotus water once flowed of 

thousand sweet perfume child  

and let the senkodai burn 

its last stem of 

~flower that never fades~