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Newer works (From Marie Laveau's Hot Pink Hearse)


 Waxen Wings

You were There 
in the beginning 
clouds in your eyes 
and stars falling from your head 
I was Whole and Parts 
and more than the sum of both 
and You were There 

I stood beside You 
with sunset hair 
wearing living rainbow vestments 
while I tried on Your gift, waxen wings 
and to the sky We rose 
with tambourine laughter 
all day and all night 
We truly Were 

Then You brought Them 
both of them insipid on the surface, 
but beneath, boiled failure and grandeur 
in a puerile stew 
and nothing was the same 

You were charmed 
even as they betrayed 
You were enthralled 
even as they warped Your words 
and You forgave 

Here I stand now, 
mere parts, not whole 
twilight hair hanging disheveled 
on melted glacier vestments 
my one possession, 
a pair of waxen wings 
that I stretch and flex 
prepping for the last flight 

At first I dance the wind to a forlorn dirge, 
slow sweeps passing inches from the ground 
but soon memory takes lead 
and I dance the Grand Waltz 
would that Your eyes would stray my way 
if I flew higher, then maybe... 

Looking down I watch them slaughter yet another 
and a tear falls from Your eye to flood the plains 
but You are beguiled 
I reach for a star 
and feel wetness on my back 
surely You weep for me 
but all that remains are empty sockets 
where wings once grew 
and the rush of air 

Would that my tears 
could flood the world for me to drown 
alas, not to be
And so I fall... 
And so I fall.
This next is a collaboration with Selene SkyeDeme 

Marie Laveau's Hot Pink Hearse (With Selene)

Your heart beats a sexy tango 
That we drink with flesh intertwined
Grazing the plush flesh of mangos
With skin through bones aligned
And the wicked will ascribe to the banjo
And the sound of the swamp enshrined
In the cloth across a shoulder, wanton and reclined
We juggle sacks of Gris Gris dust
And sing bonfires on the levee top
We painted our bodies in liquid rust
While the rising waters never stop
A star alights in a trombone's gust
Rapid fire radiating as the last notes drop
At the syncopated resurrection voodoo shop

My cotton candy trail in blush
Trails the epiphany of crush
Between the blossom and the thorn
Where music dwells forevermore
Dreaming notes in minor deeps
Where what we sow is what we reap
Divided on a Creole bed
Vodoo doll in china dress
Made of patoi elements
What you love
Is what they dread

I rely on being a stranger to kindness
On that car we named Desire
While I bury my ashes in the air
With soulful twelve bar fertilizer. 
And Care forgot to set its roots
When called out at the quadroon ball
Thin bone-lined with cotton-tongue
And cinched-moon tide's midnight call. 
But your green beryl eyes 
Whisper cinnamon and absinthe
As your Storyville mind beckons, opium bent.

Approach the dreaded bliss with care
Toss caution out the window, bare
Your teeth, your craw, or crawl on by
I'll trip you up on the sublime
Deadly, crawly, creepy smirk
The ride is never meant to turn
But turn it does at witching hour
Stumble from my heels, this dour
Princess elbow deep in flowers
Clutching at the hem of chance
In a wicked dive at happenstance. 

Your waxen cross with food piled 'round
Gives mischievous smile first then melts to frown
And your iris fingers, as you propel them
Brush my face with Bon temp vellum
My eyes turn inward, indigo-seared
As outcome, lost, as often feared. 
Marie Laveau gave birth rite first
When she drove around in her hot pink hearse.

Seduction from the ground and up
Into the dance that coaxed the mud
To shape the girl, moss slippers, paired
Climb the grace of disrepair
Into the alm of solid arms
He a tree to her unique
Brand of steel between his brambles
As carnival screams on and rambles
Toss, she does a blanket down
Upon a holly covered ground
Where hallowed basket flips wide open
On a banquet, with unspoken
Ache between where wings once rooted
Wine will quench but lips and tongue
But the pain of bone remains twice bent
And will this one know how to pair
Himself against her darkest care
How to palm the gold, placate
A queen in need of kind repair?

With laughter and lace wrought interwoven
And mortared saint's effigy left wide open
As coats of arms stand single file
Block medusa's gaze and siren's guile
Her over tempered and fractured steel
Shards planted here on which to kneel
Sable soul seeps slowly south
Joan of Arc escapes silent mouth
Headstone pearl set in platinum
Frankincense, myrrh, and cardamom
Sometimes the journey unfurls clouds wing
Sometimes with bite, artesian spring
But whether fete or ball, roll the juice of the mango
And forget not, your heart beats the hot tango.