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From the Midst of the Maelstrom

The first book by David W Moore III

Welcome to the illusory mind of writing enthusiast David W Moore III. Born and bred in the heart of a cultural melting pot known as New Orleans, David’s written world is nothing short of a creative homage to the spirit and traditions that have helped to shape him. Influences of Gothic writer Edgar Allen Poe and English romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley are intricately woven into such works as Siren Song and Sleep, Perchance to Dream, while other works such as The House flow like a cavalcade of musicians and mourners at a New Orleans funeral--a balanced blend of thoughts mourning death and celebrating life. March blows with the powerful trumpets that haunt the psyche and challenge the moral and ethical contentment of consciences, While The World in D minor quietly, but majestically directs an orchestral score of music and wonder intertwined with creation. All in all, his works epitomize the cognitive melange that make David W Moore III one of a kind.


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The Shroud

Based on a screenplay by Pat Mashburn and Joseph Ferina

Coming to the big screen in 2013/2014

The Shroud is now available on Amazon

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The first review for The Shroud 5 star:

5.0 out of 5 stars A gripping heart-stoping edge-of-your-seat thrill ride!, October 21, 2013
This review is from: The Shroud (Volume 1) (Paperback)
David has proven himself a master of the written word. This story catapults you into a dark world with hidden secrets that linger in the shadows. The macabre horror element within it is heart-stopping and with each chapter you will find yourself engulfed further. Christian, our deviously clever antagonist is one who will drive you mad with the urge to embrace him for his fragile humanity all the while admonishing yourself for it. Although you may try to guess what happens next, you will be thrilled to find that you were wrong in all of your assumptions as this work keeps you guessing. This is not a book you can read a piece at a time; you'll be burning the midnight oil and find that your eyes cannot move fast enough through the pages to find out what happens next. An absolutely BRILLIANT write.






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Fractured Fractals

Fractured Fractals

Art and Poetry

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Reviews of Marie Laveau's Hot Pink Hearse:




With this, his second publication, Marie Laveau's Hot Pink Hearse, David's grasp on language, mythology, and culture are brought to stunning fruition in the form of poetry and prose.

Herein, you will delve into sublime explorations of self and how identity figures in the worldly volition of movement through existence.

You will find poems kindled and sparked by parables and refined in the double edge of metaphorical flames.

You will find writing that purrs and screams with personal howls that leap beyond supernatural into the deep psychological aspects of maladaptations (or what is considered as such) utilizing the oddest/loveliest dagger sharp similes to stun the fabric of the audience psyche.

David's poetry and prose are epic mini-plays with the theater being the imagination of the reader. The limits of the enchanting imagery and fleshed out states of existence have no bounds except those imposed by the audience.

So sit back, dear reader, and explore the magical mandala-like qualities of the incredible human imagination as rendered by one of the most gifted 21st century poets, who not only understands the nuances of expressive language, but is one hell of a talented story teller as well, David W. Moore III.

VictoriaSelene Skye~Deme


Author of:

~Crow Woman & Mud Girl

~Eve's Rib ~ Jezebel's Hip

~The Raspberry Girl

~Girls with Red Hair on Cherry Cadillacs with Bushido Swords

~The Surreal Stalks and Times of a GutterGirl

~From the Gutter to the Jewel in the Lotus

~Pouring Ink Bleeding Onyx

and the upcoming

~UnFairy Tales from UnderLand


There are very few poets out there that can pull you into their writing and inundate your senses as if you were in the moment with the author. David Moore once again, out does himself in this new volume of mind opening prose and breath taking verse, adding his gothic New Orleans flavor to every stanza. So grab a cuppa café au lait, a beignet and take a ride through the mind of David W. Moore.

-Bradley l. Bodeker


Author of:

reflect shuns in a broken mirror

another sliver of madness


Midnight Snacks: An anthology of horror



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