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Some of my favorite writers

Selene SkyeDeme:

Surrealist extraordinaire. She will captivate you with her imagery. She will make you feel, even if you don't want to. Her unique mythos will draw you in to her world with no chance of escape (but who would want to?)

 Selene is the author of many books of poetry and short stories as catagoried on her site. I implore you to explore!

 Selene's Site Click Here


Here is an example of her majesty (reprinted with her permission):


Origins In Coral~

A Poem by Selene

It began underwater

in a silver pool

my gills

my scales


until my body complemented

the yellow dress

sewn from his idyllic orthodoxy

while he

covered in prayers

opened his wings under the sound of rain

the wailing of the trains

hitting a frenzy

scattering notes

roman numerals

random patterns

impressing themselves into the side of old buildings

while I

floating in his onyx iris

in my yellow dress

caught fire

my flames, monarch butterflies

pouring out of the ink of my stains

in vines the length of my spine

until my body curved the sky

above the molten city

and he

covered in prayers

entered my patterns

drew himself a temple in my outline

centered his piece in the topography of my puzzle


it began underwater

crawled across the mud

climbed metal spires

spread its wings

but the gills dragged it down

back down underwater


god thing with prayers

sewn into his skin

not quite girl in yellow dress

eating pomegranates

under the sea

my fingers dreaming the underbelly of a whale

haloed in reverie

god thing's mouth dreaming the back of my long neck

where, trance in a dark stone

at the base of my elongated skull

gives him nectar as balm

he, discarding prayers from his skin

I, smiling in my yellow coral dress





copyright:2010 vssmd/amusemusepress



 Bradley L


 Bradley is one of the more evocative authors I have read. Whether he takes you spiraling down to the depths of the dark abyss, or takes your hand in the sultry tango of seduction, or leads you in his pied piper suit through ethical dilemma, he never fails to connect with his reader. I am often exhausted at the end of one of his pieces, having been immersed to the point of losing my own self. Read his works at your own risk, knowing that you will be changed forevermore at the conclusion. If you have the chance to read one of his satirical pieces, I warn you to check your medications. You will laugh until you pop a vein in your head and that could be hazardous to your health!

            Bradley puts his soul into each of his pieces, allowing it to be free when he has finished, to take a life of its own. Celebrate these lives from the depths to the heights and find your life enhanced, if in some small way.

 Brad's Site Click Here



A Poem by Bradley L.
This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

suburban nightmare

trapped within

trophy wife

and daycare kids

day in and day out

you trusted your college professor

and here you are

living out

the monotony of everyone else

you’re once a year vacation

to somewhere

where you wear

a Hawaiian shirt

snapping photos of the kids

and back you return

to your cubicle

punch in punch out

the photo of your family

on the shelf of your desk

gathering dust

you tell the church you're happy

you tell your parents you're happy

you tell your wife you're happy

you smile for the children

but somewhere

in the darkness of your domesticated mind

there is ticking

tick tick ticking

that part knows

she doesn't love you

they don't love you

it's a matter of duty and social norms

you want to bust out of that

tick tick ticking

you time bomb

you tick tick ticking time bomb

who's going to trip your wire

blue, green or red

your tie is uncomfortable

your skin and mouth are dry

the corner of your mouth twitches

tick tick ticking

will it be today?

will it be this very day

that retribution is handed out

to the dregs whom share your slavery?

won't you just be doing them a favor

yourself a favor?

tick tick ticking

the phone rings

you answer

cordially but there's a quiver

it's your wife

Johnny has soccer practice tonight

can you take him

she's busy making dinner

and she's got quilt club tonight

tick tick ticking

why won't you answer


you lay the receiver on your desk

you open your drawer

within lies your answer

to all the questions


the red wire is tripped...

© 2010 Bradley L.


Ostensible Truth 

 Another great surrealist. He plays the english language like a virtuoso musician plays his instrument. He paints his imagery like the grand masters painted their canvas. Read at your own risk for you might find yourself lost in the wonder.

 Ostensible Truth's Site Click Here



Lost In Lotus Seas

I sometimes wander through the dark
Just to see if I can find my way back...
Smashing bulbs to taste the light
As fragments cut mind
Finger painting with jagged edges
Printing life in ink
Drawn from blood
On paper crafted from skin
Droplets forming cerise brocades
Wrapped around frozen arms
As I chase fluorescent stones along
Broken banks 
Cherry drop eyes
Question falling sky
Cloud shards crash on naked feet
Raining blues on razor sand
But bird unfazed...
Perched on helm
Pecking at holes in glass of real
As I rest my head on shattered plates
Kitchen floor whispers
Break bourbon tiles
Eyes in cherry bloom
Swirling jewels in a cracked chalice
(better to choke on something pretty...)
Gorgon stares stab crooked back as
Marble fingers
Unravel from sculpted neck
Onyx scratches chipping clay
As tears burst into lotus petals
Drifting away in azure streams
Broken bones play splintered tunes
Sea nymphs carve songs on melodic slates
Smashed into face for mellifluous break
As I throw notes and pebbles
Into lost waters
Cracking shells on rocks to hear songs of sea
Coruscant ripples unsettling the blue

Handprints left on shore
As I crawl on my knees
Scratching rocks and 
Clutching at burning sand
Rolling shards of glass
Around tender tongue
As I trace the light
Chasing cherry drops

  Lost in lotus seas




                                    Renee (MuSe Ampoule) 


Renee oozes emotions like most of us ooze sweat when nervous. From love to regret to pain and back, Renee drags you on a roller coaster ride of thrills and pain in the pit of your soul as you follow the ups and owns. Board by twos and please pull down the safety bar as it will be the thrill ride of your life.

 Renee's site click here




Dragon's Kiss

A Poem by MuSe AmpouLe


Blazing bright


lamppost lights
glaring brilliant yellow 
torrent in this
haphazard alley

You lean,
lazy shoulder on the
nasty old red brick
pulling a long
death-breath drag
off the skeleton fag.

Hadn't seen you in days
and I didn't miss your rotten face



there you are...




With your luscious lips
held loose
around that cancer stick.


I can think of better things for them to do...


You drag another...
and look at me sideways
out of your dark suspicious eyes

You know what you do to me.


There you lean
lazy shoulder on the
worn out red brick
pulling a long
death breath drag
off the skeleton fag

My heals clack the tarmac
loud disjointed awakening
deceiving the tempo of
my heart beats.

hadn't seen you in...
who cares how long.
Didn't need you here

Not now!

But there you lean,
lazy shoulder on the
weary old red brick
pulling me to you...
a night bug to the zapper
fuzz lamb to the butcher


I didn't care, don't care!!!
Your eyes no longer
side step dance,
with me in front of you.

Still, there you lean
lazy shoulder on that
subtle red brick
pulling a long

I snatch that nasty cig
from out your mouth
finish that thought
as embers strike wet asphalt

And I claim those lips!
We share the smoke
A dragon's kiss,
long and fiery.

Hadn't seen you in
too long
didn't need you here.


© 2011 MuSe AmpouLe